Saazy Template

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Saazy Template

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What is Saazy Template?

Saazy Template is a repository that contains a Next.js app and reusable components for building a beautiful marketing website for SaaS or anything else.


  • 12+ beautifully designed pages
  • 16+ reusable components
  • Blog/Docs features
  • Next.js app and Static App support
  • Good DX supported by:
    • TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier
    • Typed CSS Modules class names
    • Monorepo - pnpm Workspace and Turborepo
  • Free updates

What are included?



Sazzy includes 16+ UI components you can freely utilize anywhere in the monorepo by importing from @camome/components.

See Components for details.


See CMS to know how the content management system works.

See Blog and Docs for details about each feature.


Saazy has built-in form features enabled out of the box.

See Forms for details.

Tech stacks


Saazy is built on top of monorepo architecture powered by pnpm Workspace.

Packages are:

  • /apps/saazy for the Next app
  • /packages/components for shared UI library
  • /packages/utils for shared utility functions

Next App vs Static App

Sazzy contains both Next App and pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript pages (Static App).

Next App is a fully functional Next.js app while Static App has some limitations.

For details, see Next App vs Static App

This product is not currently for sale.

A zip folder that contains a monorepo and an exported Static App

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